Ian went from 0 to 40 million views…

  • Zero social-media presence as the founder of a large holistic health company
  • Relying on paid/affiliate traffic to bring in new customers
  • Not sharing the health knowledge that helped Ian create the products
  • No time to be recording everyday/no content creation system
  • 158,000 Followers gained on Instagram
  • 80,400 Followers gained on Tiktok
  • 40 million+ views driven
  • All views and followers being funneled directly into Ian’s company

Pat went from bringing in new clients on 1 platform to 5…

  • Zero presence on any platform outside of Twitter
  • 1 client acquisition source (Twitter) vastly limiting new client leads
  • Not sharing wealth of knowledge through video (only text)
  • Not wanting to have to spend tons of time on other platforms
  • “The best business decision I’ve ever made”
  • Massive email list growth
  • 10k+ followers gained on Tiktok in a month

Casey went from 0 short videos presence to millions of views…

  • Producing large amounts of youtube content but 0 short form videos
  • Relying completely on Youtube to bring in new customers
  • No time to be editing clips everyday to the quality desired
  • 30k+ followers on instagram
  • Thousands of traffic hits brought to info-products
  • 5 million+ views driven

Mason went from being tired of creating new content to being excited to grow…

  • No creation/editing system to make content feel fun
  • 100 million+ views on Tiktok