Our Story

Founded on making individual people go viral, we have adapted to build long-term brands centered around valuable thoughts and ideas.

About us

Elevate Marketing

It all started in 2020, when TikTok was a fresh app, capturing the attention of young people. Initially, the content on TikTok was subpar, and mostly entertainment based. This left a large gap for high quality, value based content.

We began by working with coaches, and other value-based creators, by spreading their existing content onto TikTok. These videos often did very well, as they were new at the time.

Then, we realized that it was possible to do better. We started doing content creation calls, getting many high quality videos, for more consistent brand growth.

This has spiraled upwards into what we are today. We post valuable content, across every major platform, every day, guaranteeing an engaged audience and consistent movement.

And as we keep moving forward, we will only find better ways to spread these valuable messages, and impact larger audiences.