OUR System

Within each month, we do one cycle of our system.

The system has six buckets: Research, Ideation, Creation, Editing, Management, and Communication.

Step 1: Research

It starts with finding out “what” to create.

Step 2: Ideation:

This is the foundational point of our content journey.

Step 3: Creation

This is where the magic happens. In just 1.5-2 hours, we create a month’s worth of  high quality, valuable content for your socials.

Note: Have a great shower thought? Do a speaking event outside of the content call? If you want content edited outside of the content call, you’re able to drop it into our inbox at any time.

Step 4: Editing

 Your work for the month is finished but ours has just begun…standout and be an authority figure in your niche with great editing

Step 5: Management

Quality + volume is the winning formula. Here is how we achieve both…

Step 6: Communication

So how do you know it’s working?