Frequently Asked questions

Your social media will grow, and traffic will be driven to your website/funnel.

The quantity of both is extremely case dependent.

We guarantee the work that comes with the package. We guarantee to incorporate our system which has helped create 100’s of millions of views, and many happy clients (see results page).

We don’t guarantee any specific results because..we do not control social media algorithms and we don’t control how consumers interact with your content.

Anyone other than Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of Instagram) guaranteeing you certain Instagram performance metrics is most likely buying views/followers.

In addition, it’s important to mention that not all views or followers are created equally. We help you create value based content that’s meant to speak to your target audience..we blend this with principles to grab attention and be “viral worthy” but unless your niche is entertainment specifically, value based content comes first.

For example. we would rather help you create 1 piece of content that gets say 500 views, yet is targeted and reaches your target audience/ideal customer than 1 piece of content that gets 10,000 views and is simply entertainment and does not apply to your ideal audience.

Our blended system focuses on creating targeted content while also incorporating strategies to reach the maximum amount of people!

Yes! Oftentimes people see an example and seem to believe that they will be forced into using this exact style.


The fact is, we can edit to any style that matches what you’re looking for.


For each client, as soon as we get the first batch of content recorded or sent to us, we create 3+ different potential video editing styles for you to review and decide which you like best and things you’d like to see changed. 


We will match your aesthetic/branding ideal while also making sure the content is able to grab the attention of your ideal audience.

This works for anyone and any company or organization that could benefit from being discovered by more people.

Some examples could be:

Health and Wellness Experts

Keynote Speakers



Coaches (various types)





Software company owners


The elephant in the room…though our investment price varies according to your needs, a few details that are good to know are:


  • We offer both recurring (full service) and 1-off packages
  • All packages come with 30+ pieces of content
  • Our typical package will be anywhere between 1k to 2.5k USD with us helping you create all the content, editing all the content for you, and managing your social media’s with daily content across 5+ platforms
  • The system works best if we start with a 3 month commitment…personal brand growth is not always an overnight success

We typically post across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and TikTok for our clients

Yes! When anyone decides to work with us, we effectively become your very own full-stack editing and content team.


This means that you can send us that youtube video, that keynote, that random walk in your backyard, etc. that you never got around to turning into social media content and we’ll edit it and share it out to the world for you.


Many of our clients find a blended approach of content calls with us and their own content from other sources such as the ones mentioned above, works best, but it is entirely up to.

As soon as you decide to move forward..we’ll start by sending you a quick onboarding questionnaire, setting up a private google drive folder where all info, content, etc. will be stored, and figuring out the best communication channel for you (Typically we use slack)

The next day you’re available we’ll set up an initial onboarding call to login to your social profiles (NDA protected), get to know you better, and ultimately figure out the content we’ll be creating with you.

Once this onboarding call (if you’ve decided to do content calls) is complete we create a database of topics, questions, and hooks that will connect with your ideal audience and schedule the first content call ideally within 5 days.

The content call is just 1.5-2 hours, where we’ll help you create a month’s worth of high quality, valuable content.

After the content call, we get right to editing…we’ll share a few samples to see what you like/don’t like, then once we’re on the same page, we’ll create the rest of the content for the month and begin posting each and every day across those 5+ platforms!

If you want to learn more about this process check out “our system” page